LMN Stunts

Direction /  Production / 3D Animation / AEToolkit

Dial up the drama with LMN's Seasonal stunts.

Client : LMN

Seeing that Lifetime Movie Network has a knack for spinning all sorts of dark and twisted plots, it’s no surprise they’re one of our favorite clients.

So when LMN needed a set of promo packages to showcase four different blocks of their films, something they call “seasonal stunts”, we were all over it. 

Each stunt consists of several graphic titles, an endpage and coda that corresponds with a clip spot edit. From the holiday-themed Slay Bells and Vicious Valentine to the content-themed Stranger Danger and Unhappily Ever After, we helped viewers get a taste for the darker side of Lifetime. Oh, and we had a whole lot of fun dialing up the drama throughout.


The gift that keeps on giving.

Vicious Valentine

It is sexy with the right amount of wrong.



Friends of Mine

Creative Director

Jeremy Lindenmier


Adam Espinoza

Director Photography

Brandon Carter

Art - Dept

Caitlin Goodbar

Client / Editorial



It's Getting a little creepy around here.

Unhappily ever After

Welp. I guess you just hope it goes well.

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