Promax Award show

Direction / Design / Edit / Color

We were honored to create the awards show package

Client : Promax

The Promax Awards (also known as the PromaxBDA Awards) honor promotion, design, and marketing by a company or individual that is broadcast, published, or released in their respective markets.

As longtime fans of the conference, we were thrilled when we were asked to spearhead their award show branding and campaign. This, simply put, was the type of project we’d been dreaming about since we opened our doors... 

Brand Elements
Award Show Open

It was amazing to be sitting among our peers watching all our blood, sweat & tears being revealed to the world.

To realize our unique creative vision, we knew we needed a unique execution. So, to create the opening title sequence, we customized a DMX-controlled lighting sculpture meticulously engineered to sync up with the movements of our talent. We also wanted to bring a sense of humanity and elegance to the actress representing the Promax statute. We worked to choreograph her dance and movements to be expressive, organic and artful. Not unlike the creative process itself.

Digital x social
Award Show Package
behind the scenes


Friends of Mine

Executive Producer

Jeremy Lindenmier


Adam Espinoza

Directors of Photography

Sam Joos

Kevin Emmons

John Roderick

Adam Bove

Art Direction

Burke Miles

Jeremy Lindenmier


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