Allkind : Hard

Brand Film and Social Content

Turning tea time into happy hour

Client : Fortnight Collective x Allkind

We love keeping good creative in the state of Colorado. So when our Boulder agency friends Fortnight Collective reached out about a new line of Hard Kombucha from Fort Collins’ very own Odell Brewing Co, we were all over it. Seeing that both the “kanbucha” and “hard kombucha” waves are unique in themselves, our first task was creating a brand film about the process and flavors behind this one-of-a-kind beverage.

Inspired by the can artwork, we created a whimsical and illustrative world dubbed “kindtopia” for that story to be told. We also brought the kindtopia world into the social space with a series of videos highlighting key ingredients from each Allkind flavor. We loved bringing to life a campaign full of expression, flavor and spirit—not unlike the hard kombucha itself. 

Social content


Friends of Mine

Executive Producer

Jeremy Lindenmier

Executive Producer

Adam Espinoza

Design & Animation

Nathan Crutchfield
Gareth de Nobrega
Jason Schwarz

Edit / Color

Robert Fraiser

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