GCI : Eskimo Ninja

Direction / Production / 3D & VFX / Edit / Color

The Eskimo
Ninja for GCI

Client : Spawn x gci

It’s not every day a project unites things like American Ninja Warrior, an Alaskan hometown hero and 5G technology. So when agency Spawn came to us with this brief, it didn’t take long to see how these three things would come together in a fun concept for Alaskan phone and Internet company GCI.

Seeing that GCI is raising the bar on 5G coverage in the state, it only felt appropriate to show how Alaska’s own “Eskimo ninja” Nick Hanson raises the bar on the ninja warrior course.

Ever Built a Replica Ninja Course?

To tackle the ambitious concept, we first needed to create a replica set of the iconic ninja warrior set with the help from a local carpenter. It was a monumental task to build a true-to-life size course, but this allowed us to extend the set with some clever post-production CGI.

The result is a life-like ninja warrior course, a passionate competitor and the announcement of GCI’s all-new 5G network.



Friends of Mine

Executive Producer

Jeremy Lindenmier


Adam Espinoza

Director o f Photography

Dennis Flippin

VFX & Compositing

Jason Schwarz

Gareth deNobrega


Dynamite Laser Beam

Key Frames
Behind the scenes
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