Direction / Design / Animate

Brand Film

Introducing the one-of-a-kind Inspirato Pass in a one-of-a-kind journey.

Inspirato is a luxury vacation service that recently launched one of its biggest travel products to date: the Inspirato Pass. The new pass gives users unlimited travel options across any world-class Inspirato property for a monthly fee. Endless travel at the world’s top properties for one fee? Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal if you ask us. 

To effectively tell that story, we sifted through dozens of gigabytes of Inspirato’s collection of still photography and video content to find the best pieces to showcase. Taking inspiration from travel brochures, photobooks and passports, we tapped into our 2.5D senses to create a dynamic journey from one destination to the next. The result? The beauty of endless travel from one incredible destination to the next.

Client : Inspirato
Key Frames


Friends of Mine

Creative Director + EP

Jeremy Lindenmier

Creative Director

Adam Espinoza

Design & Animation

Nathan Crutchfield


Dynamite Laser Beam

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