Otterbox Pass It On

Direction / International Production / Animation / Edit / Color

An unscripted story of one iPhone’s journey around the world.

Client : Otterbox

We love working with our pals over at Otterbox and we love to travel. So when the opportunity to work with Otterbox and travel around the world to tell their brand story was presented to us, it felt like a longtime creative dream come true. Armed with a small yet capable crew and an arsenal of camera equipment, we set out to capture the journey of one iPhone as it traveled between seven different social influencers in seven unique parts of the world.

From a bull rider in South Dakota to a fashionista in Mexico City and a chef in Brooklyn to a photographer in Iceland and many other amazing people and locations in between, we captured the compelling stories of seven different influencers living around the world.



Friends of Mine

Creative Director x EP

Jeremy Lindenmier

Creative Director

Adam Espinoza

Director of Photography

Adam Bove


Robert Fraser

Brandon Schricnten


Nadine Brown

Stacey Piculell

Additional Credits

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Our journey begins with the intense focus of Bull Wrangler Nate Jestes in Deadwood, SD as he goes into the arena of mayhem. Fighting bulls isn’t what he does… it’s who he is.

Bull fighter : Nate Jestes


Meet Chef Bao Bao, a self-proclaimed “tough cookie.” In her Brooklyn-based restaurant, she brings her culinary art with a touch of her Grandmother’s magic… It’s fusion at its finest.

Chef : Bao Bao

Mexico City

TV Host Aly Villegas tours us around her home, Mexico City, as she extends her fashion-forward style to her social followers.

Fashionista : Aly Villegas


Iceland is, of course, where we find Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly. She hopes to make a unique difference through the visual stories she captures. Her mantra: If you’re not scared then you’re probably not doing something right..

Photographer : Kylie Fly


For fashion model and adventure-lifestyle influencer, Batien Grimal, it’s the easiest thing in the world to be himself. He wouldn’t want it any other way as he long-boards the streets of Paris.

outdoor adventurist: Bastien Grimal

Hong Kong

In the fast-paced world of Hong Kong, Advertising Art Director and Photographer, Elaine Li loves the mix of cultures in her “NYC” of the east. Old and new, east and west; she draws inspiration that she hopes will fuel her creativity forever.


San Francisco

Abstract artist Heather Day creates recipes of colors that are her own formula to recreate the experiences she finds in life. The more she paints the more she understands the world around her.

Mixed Media Artist: Heather Day
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