Direction / 3D Animation / Edit



Friends of Mine

Creative Director + EP

Jeremy Lindenmier

Director of Photography

John Roderick

Edit + Color

Robert Fraser

Design & Animation

Gareth deNoBrega

Adam Espinoza



International Production

It's Colombia
not Columbia.

We took this one high into the hills of Colombia for an adventure of a lifetime, once we were able to make it through customs of course. Our Journey started outside MedellĂ­n as we traveled to where the beans grow to learn straight from the source.

Nestled in Andes, Antioquia region we learned the whole process from seed to bean and what Stok is doing to promote sustainability and doing right by the planet.

Client : stok x danone
Key Frames
Behind the scenes
Brand Anthem

Once we got back

We got to working on a anthem spot, something that showcases Stok's unique brand personality. What else would you do with all this other awesome imagery we have from our amazing trip south of the border.

Client : stok x danone
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