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Magnifying the people making an impact.

Client : a&e

Voices Magnified is an original A&E shortform series highlighting a wide range of people driving change in their communities, confronting challenges and bringing people together. This collection of individual viewpoints gives a national spotlight to timely and important conversations about equality, inclusion and social justice occurring across America today.

We helped A&E craft these incredible stories by providing editorial and post-production support throughout the series. We dove into each individual’s compelling narratives and captured what makes each so powerful in each 60-second video. Together, Voices Magnified brings a multitude of inspiring perspectives and personalities into one cohesive series.



Friends of Mine

Creative Director x EP

Jeremy Lindenmier


Heather Domko

Editorial & Color

Robert Fraser


Sibling Rivalry



Dr. Yusef Salaam
"Exonerated Five"

As a member of the "Central Park Five"—now known as the "Exonerated Five"—Dr. Yusef Salaam spent six years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He talks about how he turned his anger over what happened to him into action, and the work he's doing with the Innocence Project to make the criminal justice system fairer for everyone.

Yusef Salaam

Ladies of Hip Hop

Michele Byrd-McPhee discusses how Ladies of Hip Hop works to create opportunities for women to teach and share hip hop culture with the next generation of female leaders.

Michele Byrd-McPhee

The Muhibbah Dinner Series

The Muhibbah Dinner Series was founded by Philadelphia-based chef Ange Branca in 2017. The dinners bring together emerging and established chefs from various cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds to make and serve a communal meal. Branca discusses how food can be used to bring people together in ways that extend far beyond the table.

Chef : Ange Branca

True Colors United

Artist and activist Twiggy Pucci Garçon talks about their work with True Colors United to end homelessness for LGBTQ youth, and create space for them to flourish.

Twiggy Pucci Garçon
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